The Royal Extraordinary Writs

Below are excerpts about all of the royal extraordinary writs that you may use in your common law court. I may get around to posting exerpts from other texts at a later date to better explain each of them to you, but this will give you a thorough review of each of the writs that are at your disposal when you file a suit at common law.

From Common-Law Pleading and Practice: Its History and Principles, by R. Ross Perry – of the bar of the District of Columbia, Boston: Little, Brown, and Co., 1897, p.102-107, 222:

One must remember that you are the one issuing these at common law. There are some statutes that let you appeal for some these writs to be granted to you by the state, but that’s only if you wish to function at civil law as a subject of the state, instead of as a sovereign/king or queen at common law whose jurisdiction is unlimited over the state regarding your affairs.