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This site was started up because of involvement in a common law name change dispute. A near unto exhaustive amount of research was done on the topic and this site is put up to help out anyone else who might be involved in such a hindering of rights.

The common law itself has fallen out of use among many people, especially in the United States. In some states people have a clear knowledge of it and in others there is virtually no knowledge of it even among some of the most experienced in the law. The research found herein was done in California, so there are a lot references to common law in that state, but as it is based in the U.S. Constitution, it does apply to any state you are in (even Louisiana and the nation of Australia!).

The common law is just amazing and it really is THE freedom that made America the free-est on Earth. Anyway, the freedom that is the common law is now nationally in resurrection mode, so its presented here in relation to name changes as simply and accessibly as possible to help spread the word, so no one’s common law rights will be hindered again.

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